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Rock maze Besedice

The rock maze upon Malá Skála. Hundreds low towers and boulders are divided by labyrinth of ravines, passages and caves. In the ages of religious persecution many Czech Brethren found the hiding place there. They had the chalice as their emblem, that is why one part of rock maze with chizeled altar bears name Kalich (Chalice). The shelter of religious refugee Václav Sadovský ze Sloupna was in the second main part of labyrinth called Chléviště. There are several view points there with amazing outlooks to Malá Skálas valley. The view point is also in neighbourhood on the top of basalthill Sokol (562 m). We can visit the ruins of the medieval Zbirohy castle on the opposite rocky ridge. Through such secret places where expellees have looking for their shelters guides a marked tourist trail now.
Entrance into the labyrinthEntrance into the labyrinth
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View of MaloskalskoView of Maloskalsko
View of Maloskalsko
Kalich - inside of labyrinthKalich - inside of labyrinth
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